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Agricultural Tenancies

If you rent agricultural land or property you are most likely to have an agricultural tenancy. There are exceptions for grazing and keeping of horses which are not always classed as agricultural production.

The most common form of letting since adoption of the Agricultural Tenancies Act, 1995 is by way of a Farm Business Tenancy. Agreements can be oral as well as written. A written agreement is advisable in most cases and provides important evidence to substantiate an 'active farmer's 'management control' under the new basic payment scheme with responsibilities for cross compliance. For several years farmers have been allowed to occupy land by way of seasonal grazing licences to make their single farm payment claims however that is no longer the case.

As well as Farm Business Tenancies there remain in force a number of the more traditional agricultural tenancies subject to protection of the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 which also caters for statutory succession subject to meeting a list of qualifying criteria.

In addition there are circumstances in which grazing and/or mowing licences still have their place as a satisfactory arrangement between a landowner and occupier.

If you are unsure what form of agreement you should adopt then please contact a member of our agricultural team at Rees Richards who can discuss the options particular to your circumstances and if required draft the appropriate documentation as well as managing the tenancy.

Rees Richards & Partners | Agricultural Tenancies | Swansea and South West Wales

Arbitration & Expert Witness

Rees Richards and Partners have an extensive range of expertise when it comes to preparing valuation advice for any disputes, arbitrations or court proceedings, with an in-depth knowledge of The Civil and Family Procedure Rules along with the Arbitration Act, we ensure that all matters are addressed with a great level of detail, which in the majority of cases lead to a successful outcome.

We are experienced in providing valuation advice as expert witnesses in relation to Agricultural & Commercial Rent Reviews, Dispute Resolution, Partnership Dissolution, Matrimonial Disputes, Contentious Probate and Development Option notices.

Whatever the nature of dispute and the property involved please give us a call or drop us an email in the strictest confidence.

Rees Richards & Partners | Arbitration and Expert Witness | Swansea and South West Wales

Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

The acquisition of rights in private land by compulsion can be demanding, employing the services of a qualified chartered surveyor is always recommended. Approaches from an acquiring authority, whether it be National or Local Government or Statutory Utility company, our team of experts will always provide professional advice throughout the mandatory process always focusing on protecting our clients best interests.

Whether the rights being acquired are temporary or permanent in nature, from land purchase for new infrastructure, access, maintenance and repairs, our team of professionally qualified surveyors will always undertake their work with due diligence no matter the scale of land interest involved.

Our team have a wealth of experience and expertise representing the interests of landowners and occupiers for easements and wayleaves, underground utility pipelines and cables, road rail and waterways infrastructure.

Make sure you obtain the best advice possible by asking Rees Richards & Partners to represent you. Rees Richards & Partners | Compulsory Purchase and Compensation | Swansea and South West Wales

Planning & Development

Rees Richards and Partners have extensive knowledge in providing advice for the acquisition and disposal of development land across the South Wales region.

Having forged a strong relationship with planning consultants across South Wales we are able to advise on Rural Residential and Commercial Development, providing development appraisals and planning advice on most aspects of development no matter what scale.

For further advice please give us a call or drop us an email to be put in touch with our specialist.

Rees Richards & Partners | Planning and Development | Swansea and South West Wales

Renewable Energy

With an increasing demand in this industry sector, whether Solar Photovoltaic arrays, Wind Energy turbines, Hydropower, Biomass and Anaerobic Digestion, our team of experts are at hand to advise on permanent and temporary rights required by corporate or private developers.

Those with a legal interest in land may profit from such schemes, whether owning or occupying an identified site or third party access easement or wayleave is required to adjoining land.

Our team will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you fully capitalise, no matter the scale of development or land interest involved.

Rees Richards & Partners | Renewable Energy | Swansea and South West Wales

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